Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Packing List

Here is a list of items that I think I should bring to Italy after reviewing several articles.

Packing List
*Keep an inventory list in case luggage is lost
**Keep money, important documents, valuables [laptops, etc.], medications, a change of clothing & some toiletries in carry on bag in case luggage is lost.
Clothing & Shoes
       Jeans – 2 to 3 pairs
       Shorts – 4 to 5 pairs
       T-shirts – 5 to 7
       Tanks – 5 to 7
       Underwear and Bras – 10 to 12 pairs
       Socks – 2 to 5 pairs
       Pajama pants – 2 pairs
       Swimsuits – 2
       Sundresses – 5 to 6
       Walking shoes – 1 pair
       Flip Flops
Toiletries  [Possibly bought in Italy]
(Tape shut the bottle and place in Ziplocs for cleaner travel)
       Soap (Bar)
       Contacts and Solution [with eye glasses]
       Toothbrush and Toothpaste
       Straightener & Blow Dryer [can be shared within the apt]
       Make-up [optional]
       Important Documents [Passport, tickets, etc.]
       Laptop and Cord
       Camera, Batteries and Charger
       iPod and Cord
       Alarm Clock [battery operated]
       Backpack [for day trips and as carry on]
       Refillable Water Bottle
       Paper, Pens, and Textbooks
       Small Kleenex package [in case there is no toilet paper]
       Hat and sunglasses
       Electricity Converter
       Immunization Records

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