Friday, July 1, 2011

Mi Dispiace!

Buonasera! I am sorry for the lack of posts! My computer decides when it wants to work and connect to the computer.  I guess it thinks its on vacation too but alas, I have internet!

To catch up on all that has been going on...
I have been so busy.
I do language classes every day until 1:30.  

Tuesday we had my Italian history class at a cute little caffe. 
We just sat around a few tables and discussed Seneca (our ancient Rome portion of the history).
Wednesday is known as our cultural days.
This past Wednesday, our group did the Torre del Mangia. 400 steps and super close stairwells.
I passed.  Just the thought of the heights and claustrophobia made me freak out.  

We also went to the Palazzo Publicco Museum. Gorgeous Frescoes.

That night we had a cooking class at Dante Alighieri, our language school, and it was fun. 

Thursday, we ate with a contrada, which is like a neighborhood.  
Absolutely delicious food.
No pictures though. Maybe will upload them later.

Today, we experienced a hail storm of mass proportions!

There ya go! My first week in Siena!

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