Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sorry for the lack of post.  My internet on my laptop does not work anymore, so I have to rely on other sources to get on which also means, no pictures! I am having a blast and do not want to leave Italy (only to see my family) and then come back!  

We went to the winery and it was such a cool experience.  He taught us how to smell what kind of wine that we are drinking and also the proper way of holding the glass.  The owner talking to us has had family since the 1700s making wine from the same exact spot that we have visited.  We also tried some balsamic vinegard and that was THE BEST balsalmic I have every put in my mouth! Sadly, it was £50 (75 dollars!)

As a group, we went to Florence and it was HOT! It made me miss Siena terribly! I went to the Uffizi and saw so many incredible works of art by Leonardo di Vinci, Boticelli, and many more. Including the Birth of Venus. It was a nice experience and I just don't have anything else to say about it!

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